Green Economy Training Courses

I am seeking Fetac Level 5 Accreditation for the following courses to prepare the Irish Seaweed, Farming and Fisheries Sectors to lead in Sustainable Growth. Green Economy Training Courses are delivered online or live, in-person, depending on your choice (e.g. you may purchase these separately and book a facilitator led training). The courses are provided as part of the annual membership (€250 fee/year) for the Sustainability Road Mapping initiative and includes 15 minutes consultation to understand what you hope to achieve, and your training needs.

sustainable development training

Biodiversity & Economics

Course Modules:

  • Value of Biological resources
  • Ecology Field Studies
  • Citizen Scientist: Fresh water monitoring
  • Understanding Pests and Pollinators- Harmful & Beneficial Insects
  • Climatic Hazards
sustainable development training

Food & Farm Transition

Course Modules:
  • Food Market, local, national, international
  • Sustainable Farming Methods
  • Options & Funding
  • Organic Horticulture, Orchards, Mixed Crops
  • Chemical-free Soil Fertility
  • Food Security & Animal Welfare
  • Six year plan: Guidance, Action and financial support before organic certification.
sustainable development training

Climate Action & Leadership

Seaweed Sector Leadership Course Modules:
  • Intertidal Resource Mapping
  • Wider Study: Environmental & Social Indicators
  • Seaweed Uses
  • Algae’s Ecological Significance
  • Understanding The Market
  • Resource Assessment
  • Organic Standards

Course Outline


15 Multiple Choice Questions


30 Minute Modules, 2.5 hours Customised Courses



Issued to all who pass


Economic News


Modules completed and passed. Work-books insight captured


Local Authority Charter, Programme for Government, National regulations & EU Funding & Directives



Client-Specific scenarios. Customised Courses, Q&A. Zoom break-out rooms for discussion and Conversation Cafe-style for idea generation.


Self learning or Hosting: Online, on-site, or at Harmony Hall, Kilkenny.

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Classroom Learning

Green Economy Training courses: about the trainer, Frances Micklem

As a facilitator, I help clients reconcile socially responsible objectives with other driving forces; including the recovery of health, finances and resources. With a First Class degree in Philosophy, diplomas in Social Work and Music and CPD in Horticulture, HACCP, Conservation, Biochar, Natural Agriculture, Business, Raw Nutrition, Waste management and policy development, I aim to bring fresh thinking to the complex task of a green transition.