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I am a sustainability specialist, author and pioneer, with twenty years experience of consultancy and training. I have been a green transition journalist for several years, with interviews on every subject from agriculture to health. I am a ghost-writer for professionals in Education, Law and Business. It was in this context, I realized my unlimited ability to ask good questions and assimilate information fast, while at the same time generating ideas that seem to have never crossed anyone’s mind before. I believe it is that ‘joined up thinking’ that everyone says we need.

While people are still talking about how to control pests and diseases, manage the use of resources and eradicate invasive species, I am fired up, instead, with empathy, respect and a multitude of original ways to care for and restore habitats, health and food systems.

Perhaps I inherited my very mild super powers; having a high court judge, from Oxford, for a father and a nurse, from Limerick, for a mother. Nonetheless, I have worked hard to achieve congruence between what I know and how I live, as a consumer. In the last twenty years I have neither poured a chemical cleaner or one with micro-plastics down a sink, or used products derived from or tested on animals. What is maybe more surprising is that with all the self-restraint, economics and lengthy tender responses, I have still got my sense of humour and am relatively care free. I think it maybe because I have always had a vision and it was burning a hole in my pocket like a 50 euro note. Now it seems to have manifested in Europe’s Green Deal, the biggest financial stimulus ever directed to conservation and all we have to do now is ask.

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