Uniting for Health Sovereignty

A Global Call to Action

Join us as we champion the cause for health sovereignty and spiritual unity. Our recent appeal to the Federal Supreme Court in Switzerland marks a pivotal step forward in our global advocacy efforts.
Help Stop The Weaponisation of Health

Championing Health Sovereignty and Spiritual Unity

Our Collective Mission

At the heart of our global movement lies a profound commitment to health sovereignty—empowering individuals and communities to make autonomous decisions regarding their health and well-being. This mission is championed by a dedicated network of activists who are tirelessly advocating for policies and practices that respect and enhance the freedom of health choices, aligning with our deepest spiritual values.
The journey towards spiritual unity and health sovereignty is a collective endeavor that spans across borders. Our activists, including notable figures who have presented cases to the highest courts, are united in their vision to integrate spiritual principles with health practices. This global movement not only seeks to influence health policies but also aims to foster a deeper connection among individuals through shared spiritual and health-conscious values.

Free Audiobook

How to Live as One

Essential listening on reality as made up entirely of energy. A unique perspective, accessible and empowering, that threatens those that would have people held in fear and poverty. The content is so controversial that interviews and the author’s newspaper column have been held back. The book tells how to participate consciously in oneness. It offers practical methods of divining, clearing energy, and living purposefully. It includes a vision of peace and alternative healing for existential, physical, mental, emotional, and environmental wellbeing.

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