Funding for Sustainability Projects: Lean Green Consultancy

Finding Funding – Completing Tenders – Writing Rationales

Funding for climate action leadership projects – ways I can help:

Grant supports

funding for sustainability projects

I find funding and contracts to kick start a growth phase for small companies.


Green procurement modelling

funding for sustainability projectsI see the major opportunities of the EU Green Deal as the largest financial stimulus so far for green transition work. With an understanding of the Programme For Government, EU Objectives and the Local Authority Charter, I monitor the variety of contracts, for goods and services, arising from them.


Innovative Greening Guidance

funding for sustainability projectsAll sectors from community action groups, to farmers in transition, right through to larger companies, for whom I can quickly assimilate corporate social responsibility and other business challenges, change management and training needs.


Supporting the journey

funding for sustainability projectsSynthesizing business recovery from the impact of restrictions during the lockdown and the proactive journey to adopt new regulations, standards and diversify. My role is to connect skilled people and businesses to funding, by identifying social & environmental added value.

Recent tender applications:

  • Operator for the National Biodiversity Data Centre
  • Biodiversity Training for Communities
  • Small Business Innovation Research
  • Music Advisory Services
  • Design, development and delivery of a Climate Action Training Programme
  • Coaching Service for School Leaders and Leadership teams 

Case study: Kilkenny Accountancy Company


The Challenge

The company’s clients were not paying for their financial services, including tax returns and preparation and support for audits. When they followed up payment, clients claimed they were dissatisfied and both management and staff were demoralized by the negative feedback cycle and non-payment.

The Solution

I helped them recognize that good-will is a powerful asset and identify their existing good practices. Training them how to build relationships through content meant they could both share the human side of their business and show clients that their security was  their top priority. I formalized their sustainability business model, into their organizational image. They already provided regular pro bono financial advice clinics. They were willing to sort out unexpected demands for clients and helped start-ups and individuals get ‘their ducks in a row’ for quality management and book keeping basics. It was a priority for them, as was the employment of several young accountants who received supervision, experience and independence from the firm and support, to start their own practice when they wanted. Nonetheless, as accountants they were negatively associated with debt and interest management, taxes due and inevitable expenditure. Giving them social metric to work with, I was able to articulate how making themselves available for client inquiries provided additional value. My sustainability plan for their office included several benefit clauses in regard to what they were already delivering. I taught the staff how to notice, take a pride in and communicate their added value, to clients.  As I raised their understanding of how financial stress was being passed on to staff from clients, it stopped being an unconsciously destructive pattern. By my differentiating their position as a customer-centred service, they started to enjoy a competitive advantage from their sustainability initiatives.

Manager’s feedback:

“It is difficult to describe the many effects that working with Frances had on our office and accountancy business. The most immediate was that the training energized all the staff, raising confidence in our roles in the company. Productivity noticeably increased as did commitment and interest in the work. Management problems that had seemed permanent were resolved and clients started to pay up, without us having to chase payment”