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My vision as a consultant



Management Planning and Lifestyle Retreat


  • Venue and accommodation, providing full organic, plant-based catering, chemical-, plastic- and cruelty-free bathroom and cleaning products, furnishings and bedding. Wifi-free environment option.
  • Academic research discussion, planning and writing for post graduate environmental science, planning, business, education, law and economic assignments – for experienced leaders returning to education.
  • Advocacy, representation and support for work-place solutions. Transcending polarity thinking – conflicts of interest – managers can reconcile socially responsible objectives with other driving forces; including the recovery of health, finances and resources.

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Private & Public Banking explained:  

Freeing businesses from private banks

Many businesses are not that interested in economics and see their debt and interest as an inevitable part of banking. But it is not true and people must get empowered to demand a public bank. I am going to do my best to get people excited about monetary reform. Imagine a non-profit bank with the power of credit creation. Imagine it having a sustainability lending criteria, specifying the types of enterprise it would prioritize and able to refuse damaging projects and proposals. Already there are financial supports for business greening and financial recovery from the pandemic but companies still need a plan to be eligible for green funding.

Is this membership for us?

Many businesses are not that interested in their environmental impact either! More often, there’s a manager and staff who are but a long-standing board of directors who can’t let change happen. This site is for those managers. The ones who need someone to work out what a roadmap for their company’s sustainability journey could look like; people who need to explain why a green transition means opportunities and investments will follow, rather than costs; Sales managers who need to improve a company’s reputation and make founded claims for their products and know their supply chain inside out. CEOs who have the values but do not have the time to work out the savings that would be made by a better use of resources or to train staff; And nearly everyone who can’t afford to time-block employee hours to do this research.

What could your green transition look like?

Some greening ideas will be generic because it is few offices that don’t have a coffee dock or a kettle at least. There are few businesses that do not produce waste or use electricity. However, I will also share the best practices in your sector and investigate particular challenges and dilemmas for your business – for example reducing chemical processes while remaining compliant with food safety standards. Everything is solvable and thankfully there are pioneers who have found ways to reconcile their industry and trades with environmentally sensitive and even regenerative practices. 
green fundingThere is no requirement for member to take any action. All you are doing is planting the seed of knowledge, awareness, options, impacts, solutions and socio economic business acumen and understanding; watering it each week with a little attention, new information and interest and let fertile imaginations do the rest. If, though, members do want to do something and want to know if there are pots of money available for such work, that can also be part of the service. 
One day, being registered with Harmony Hall will be a must, for socially responsible businesses. It will be like B-Corp but not as strenuous a join-up procedure. There is only one company in Ireland who is B-Corp certified so far. They have 400 initial questions to establish if companies are serious about addressing their impacts. Do their free impact assessment here, and see what your business might need included on your road map.  

The benefits of joining Harmony Hall’s Sovereign Credit Initiative

green fundingGreen funding opportunities and contracts from eTenders and other national and international programmes

green fundingConsultation on contracts 

green fundingReview of completed tender responses, for further alignment with what the funding body’s are looking for

green fundingTraining elements on sector-by-sector environmental science, regulations, solutions, best practice and practitioners.

green fundingFresh ideas on how to green your business practices and acknowledge water footprint, food security and public health in your organizational policies.

green fundingKeeping it real: Entertainment from Harmony Hall Corporate Planning Retreat: Citizen scientist trials and triumphs of organic horticulture, bio-architecture design and construction, ecology field studies with insect and plant identification, self sufficiency and the many dilemmas that a green transition presents.

green fundingA ‘thought for the day’, from my audio book, to develop clear thinking and leadership capacity.